Gledhill PLUDR180 180 Litre Stainless Lite Plus Direct Unvented Cylinder

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Gledhill PLUDR180 180 Litre Stainless Lite Plus Direct Unvented Cylinder

The Gledhill 180 Litre Stainless Lite Plus Direct Unvented Cylinder offers several notable advantages for hot water storage in residential and commercial settings. Despite its compact size, this cylinder provides a 180-liter capacity, suitable for properties with moderate hot water demands. Operating as a direct unvented system, it connects directly to the mains water supply, ensuring quick, powerful, and consistent hot water delivery to all outlets without the need for a cold water storage tank. The stainless steel construction ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making the cylinder a reliable long-term solution. The use of electric immersion heaters or other direct heating methods can be highly efficient in terms of energy utilization and heating speed.

Technical Information

  • Brand: Gledhill
  • Part No(S): PLUDR180
  • Indirect / Direct Cylinder: Direct
  • Vented / Unvented Cylinders: Unvented
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cylinder ErP Rating: C
  • Cylinder Capacity: 180 Litres
  • Cylinder Height: 1306mm
  • Cylinder Overall Diameter: 550mm
  • Number of Immersions: 2
  • Secondary Return: NO,Please note that the top immersion on the PLUDR180 is 327mm high
  • Guarantee Length: 25 years
  • WRAS approved
More Information
Brand Gledhill
Manufacturer ID PLUDR180
Cylinder Heat Loss 55 watts
Cylinder Capacity 180 Litre
Cylinder Weight (empty) 28 Kg
Cylinder Overall diameter 550mm
Cylinder Number of immersions 2
Cylinder Heating Type Direct
Cylinder Type Unvented
Cylinder ErP Rating D
Cylinder Weight (full) 206 Kg
Cylinder Heat Up Time 179
Cylinder Height 1306mm
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