Buy Radiators, Heated Towel Rails, Boilers and Cylinders from WeHeat

WeHeat has been an online plumbing and heating retailer since 2009, but the family has been in the bathroom showroom business for over thirty years.

We truly believe that we're helping our customers to build their dreams for their lives and their homes. We know that your house isn't just the bricks and mortar. Your house is your home. The place you choose to live. The place with happy memories. The place where you can be comfortable. The place you feel safe. Part of making your house your home is making it your own. You make the house reflect who you are as a person. Whether you like something snug and cosy or whether you like big spaces and clear lines, we know that you know what you want.

Being specialists in designer radiators, heated towel rails, boilers and cylinders, we can help you with what is probably the most important room in your home. The bathroom provides much more than a place to carry out the basic necessities of the day - your bathroom is a haven for you to go to reflect on your day. It's a place to refresh yourself. A place to calm yourself. A place to beautify and groom. A bathroom is a place you can hide - even if just for half an hour - only to come out afterwards feeling like a new person.


Specialists in Designer Radiators since 2009, WeHeat is able to provide the right designer radiator suitable with your need to provide you with warm, feel great throughout the whole year. In Electric Radiators as Safety being a high priority, we offer both a standard element as well as a thermostatically-controlled electric element, along with timer controls so that your electric radiator is on when you most need it. Ideal for use in a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom providing the user with warmth and style.

Towel Rails

We have been manufacturing and selling Heated Towel Rails for nearly ten years and know what makes a great towel rail. If you are installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom as a replacement for your radiator, then we can help you work out what size and style will provide the correct heat output. Heated Towel Rails are now a common feature in modernized homes, giving busy families the option of hanging all the family members’ towels on the rail so that damp can be minimized.


WeHeat provides with a range of boilers to suit any installation, Choose from a wide array of natural gas boilers including system and combination boilers that are perfect for mains gas fittings and replacements. With options ranging from Electric to LPG systems, we offer reliable heating solutions from high-quality brands including Baxi, Potterton, Grant UK, Vaillant, and Worcester Bosch. What’s more, to keep you well-equipped for any situation, we also supply a great selection of boiler spares and parts from these famous names and many more..


Despite the growing popularity of Combination Boilers, many homeowners still prefer the reassurance of a Hot Water Tank to provide for their hot water needs. The benefit of a Hot Water Cylinder is that it can not only heat water by using your boiler, but it can also heat water with your electric element backup. A hot water cylinder resides in an airing cupboard which is a boon for families when you need to finish drying your clothes and store your bed sheets and towels. WeHeat offers Hot Water Cylinders in a range of styles from a number of great quality manufacturers, including RM Cylinders, Gledhill Cylinders, Range and Copperform.


Affordable yet high quality heating products with accessories supplies are hard to come by, but you can rest assured that WeHeat retails only the very best products on the market. From heating elements to fully-certified radiators, boilers and cylinders, every single fitting is designed to integrate seamlessly into any bespoke design. All specifications and measurements are listed clearly next to all of our heating products and accessories so you know exactly what you're purchasing.


Based in Colchester, WeHeat has been supplying specialist heating solutions to trade outlets and the general public for over seven years, though the family currently heading up the company has been a leading player in the bathroom showroom business for over three decades. We offer having the best Designer Radiators and Heating Products from trusted and high-quality Brands including Reina, The Radiator Company, Phoenix, MHS Radiators, Ultra Finishing, Baxi, Potterton, Grant UK, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, RM Cylinders and many more..

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