Gledhill 200 Litre Stainless ES Direct Unvented Cylinder

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This 200 Litre Stainless ES Direct Unvented Cylinder using advanced technology and ensure efficiency and reliability that makes Gledhill Stainless ES Direct Cylinder one of the market pioneer and maintainable cylinder available in the market. This direct cylinder heated by electric immersion and directly connected with from main and you don't need to add any separate tank for it. This Gledhill bunnings hot water cylinder range is manufactured from highly corrosion-resistant duplex hot water, enabling high flow rates for showers and baths, without the need for a boost pump and use 40mm insulation to reduce heat loss. These unvented cylinders are suitable for all domestic and commercial applications. Gledhill proven technologies and quality manufacturing at a competitive price.

Key Features:

  • Cylinder ErP Rating: C
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Capacity200 litres
  • Maximum inlet pressure to Maximum inlet pressure to 12 Bar
  • Operating pressure (PRV setting) 3 Bar
  • Supplied with full NSF WRC and WRAS independent approvals
  • Cylinder Overall Diameter: 530mm
  • Energy cut-out motorised valve (indirects only)
  • Cylinder Expansion vessel size: 24
  • Cylinder Weight (empty): 27
  • Cylinder Weight (Full): 225
  • Cylinder Height: 1305
  • Cylinder Heat Loss: 65
  • Cylinder Type: Unvented
  • Cylinder Heating Type: Direct
  • Max working pressure 6 Bar
  • 40mm insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Manufactured from highly corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel

Components supplied with Stainless ES Direct Unvented Cylinder:

  • 2 x 3KW immersion heater
  • Expansion vessel
  • Cold water inlet PRV combination valve/expansion relief
  • Dual thermostat (Control thermostat and Energy cut-out thermostat)
  • Tundish
  • Expansion vessel/mounting bracket
  • Technical/user product literature
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve
  • 3 Bar inlet control

All cylinders are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12897. The tundish must be positioned so that it is visible to the occupant and is away from electrical devices.

In any situation where the volume of heated pipework (eg. secondary circulation pipes or manifold pipework for multiple units) exceeds 10 litres, then an additional expansion vessel must be fitted to accommodate the extra expansion volume.

The Environment: This product has been manufactured using many recyclable materials, including the approved HCFC/CFC free polyurethane foam insulation. At the end of its useful life, it should be disposed of at a Local Authority Recycling Centre, to maximise the products full environmental benefits.

More Information
Product Code SESINPDR200
Brand Gledhill
Cylinder Heat Loss 65 watts
Cylinder Capacity 200 Litres
Cylinder Weight (empty) 27 Kg
Cylinder Expansion vessel size 18
Cylinder Overall diameter 530mm
Cylinder Heating Type Direct
Cylinder Type Unvented
Cylinder ErP Rating C
Cylinder Pressure Regulator 3
Cylinder Weight (full) 225 Kg
Cylinder Height 1305mm
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