What is BTU?
1 Watt = 3.413 BTU
1kWatt = 3,413 BTU

Short for British Thermal Unit, British standard unit of energy. One Btu is equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at its maximum density, which occurs at a temperature of 39.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

One Btu is equal to approximately 251.9 calories or 1055 joules.

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Let’s Figure out which one’s the Best Radiator for you!

The two main parameters that guide you to the right radiator are the heat output and heat capacity that your spaces require. You are here to work out these two parameters! Once you work out the heat output required, you will know which size of the radiator will meet your needs, with the price-tag staying within your budget-bracket.

The process involves a series of calculations and gets quite cumbersome. Experts at Trade Plumbing have made it a convenient procedure. A couple of boxes on this page are actually easy calculators to keep away the hassle of numerics and give you the information just through a click! There we have a BTU Radiator Calculator and Delta-T Conversions.

All you have to do is answer the questions, then hit the calculate button. Let’s reveal what’s inside these math-units!

BTU Radiator Calculator: How it Works?

You have to put in the first box the size of your room. Also, specify the type of the room, its usage criteria, the presence of windows and other heat-draining openings, the insulation scope, etc. Click ‘Get Total BTUs’ to get BTUs required per hour.

The numerics that appear in the next box are important. You can convert these into watts by clicking the just-next blue button saying ‘Convert to Watts’. Now we are done with the numbers. It’s time to choose a radiator type that entices you with its appeal and charisma, but don’t forget that it must comply with the numerics (the heat output BTUs required) you just calculated. Shop any kind of radiator your heart desires and keep your comfort-zones warm and cosy- a towel rail, a standard panel radiator, or something a little bit special - a designer radiator.

Side-Note: The phrase ‘BTU’ stands for British Thermal Unit, which is a standard unit of energy equal to approximately 1,055 joules (or 251.9 calories).

Delta-T Conversions

The next essential concept to learn is Delta-T conversions. Although we have made it quite simple and evident to convert from Delta-50 to Delta-60 and vice-versa, you still need to understand the concept behind these numerical-games. The radiators in the market are market with Delta-T specification. As a standard Delta T 50° is selected for European Radiators.

The delta is a difference in two temperatures- The incoming water temperature from a boiler that heats up the water and feeds it to the radiator and the temperature of the outgoing water. The radiator gives off 20°C to the room it is supposed to heat. The temperature of the effluent water leaving the radiator after heating the room is the outgoing temperature.

Normally, for a Delta-T50°C radiator, the incoming temperature is 75°C and the outgoing temperature is 55°C. For Delta-T50°C radiator the values are 85°C and 65°C respectively.

For a detailed overview of Delta-conversions, you can visit: Delta-Conversions Blog

Use the above-given math-box named Delta Conversions to calculate your radiator Deltas both ways.

And Now, Shop (Radiators) Till You Drop

After you are done with the BTUs and Deltas, you are almost done with the preliminary research. Now it’s time to relax and scroll down a list of low-cost, valuable and stylish radiators at Trade Plumbing. Click the one that pleases your heart and complies with the figures that you just worked out. Heat and beautify your bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms through state-of-the-art designer radiators.


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